Success Stories: Kelly B.

Success Stories:

Kelly B., Administrative Assistant Program

The best part about my time at Fox College is that I already have a job that has lots of growth opportunity, and I haven’t even finished my degree yet! I graduated with my diploma in January of 2014 and Fox helped me find a job while I finish the degree portion of my program! I will be done in July of 2014 and couldn’t be happier with where I am right now.

I chose Fox College because I had already attended another school and realized that I wanted a career-focused school instead of taking general education classes that wouldn’t pertain to my job. Fox College has a great reputation with employers, has a long history helping students, and has a very high job placement rate.

I appreciated that Fox teaches you the specific skill set that you need for your career. I learned Microsoft Office skills that I use every day and am able to quickly finish tasks and it has made my job much easier. I am becoming the go-to person to answer questions about Microsoft in the office. I even scored a 100% on a power point test that my employer required!

The placement department really listened to what I was looking for in a job and helped me find something in my comfort zone. I was offered a job at a different employer, but it wasn’t the right fit for me and Fox College really encouraged me to wait for what I wanted. They were so helpful and worked so hard to help me. You can tell that they really care about their students.

Fox College is fast paced, which helped me learn how to multi task and work under deadlines. I use those same skills every day at work and in my personal life.

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