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COVID-19 Update:

We are continuing to teach courses through virtual classrooms and have experienced few interruptions.

We all obviously hope to resume on-site classes as soon as possible. Administrative offices are still operating—often virtually—to serve current, past, and future students.

Stay safe!

 Welcome to Fox College, where our students #FinishFirst.

At Fox College, Our Students Finish First

Everything we do at Fox College is so you can Finish First.

  • Programs take less than two years, so graduation rates are high.
  • Classes are smaller and focus on the skills employers need, so your learning can be relevant. 
  • Proactive career placement assistance is offered to graduates, so you have help finding a good job.
  • Experienced faculty want to help you succeed. 

Find out more about how we help students Finish First through our career-focused programs, student resources  and career placement services.  

The single best way to find out about us is to visit and see things first hand.  Well-equipped campuses are located in the Midway Hotel Center Campus and in Tinley Park.  Call us at 708-444-4500 or click here to schedule your visit! 

Fox Social Scene


Exciting Things are Happening!

PTA Practice 8-19

Our Physical Therapist Assistant students get some help from friends and family as they practice the knowledge they've learned. 

OTA assistive 8-19

Occupational Therapist Assistant students help eachother learn about assistive technology in preparation for working with those who are disabled.

Admin 3-18

The spectacular Administrative Assistant students!

MA Blood Draw 3-18

Medical Assisting students are always working on honing their blood draw skills! 

VT Lab 2-19

Vet Tech students in Clinical Laboratory 1 performing microscopic evaluations on canine, feline and equine blood.

PTA Posture 2-19

PTA students assessing posture using a plumbline!

OTA pratice photos

Our OTA students love to learn from one another and practice their skills on fellow classmates!

VT surgery

Our Vet Tech students earning great hands-on experience in our surgical suite.

DH practice 8-19

Our dental hygiene assistant students work side by side as they practice a dental exam on our learning equipment!