Citing Sources

Below you will find information on the various citation styles used in academic writing.

Please remember: Failure to cite sources properly and any direct copying of quotations and passages from any type of media is plagiarism and is unethical.  Please consult any of these sources below as well as the “A Writer’s Reference” textbook for proper citation guidelines.

APA – American Psychological Association

MLA – Modern Language Association

AMA – American Medical Association

Librarian Tips

  • Always check with your syllabus and/or instructor for proper paper formatting for your specific assignment.
  • Microsoft Word offers a free template that you can use to see exactly how to format your research paper in MLA/APA format.  Please see the instructions below to access it.

Word 2016

  1. Open Word from the desktop icon or from your own computer.
  2. In the search box along the top of the screen, type “APA” or “MLA.”  Press Enter and the template should appear.
  3. Press Download.