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COVID-19 Update:

Students are coming onto campus to take some classes and to practice their essential skills (following CDC and government safety guidelines). 

We are continuing to teach many classes through virtual classrooms and have experienced few interruptions.

We look forward to resuming fully-normal schedules as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe! 

 Welcome to Fox College, where our students #FinishFirst.

At Fox College, Our Students Finish First

Everything we do at Fox College is so you can Finish First.

  • Programs take less than two years, so graduation rates are high.
  • Classes are smaller and focus on the skills employers need, so your learning can be relevant. 
  • Proactive career placement assistance is offered to graduates, so you have help finding a good job.
  • Experienced faculty want to help you succeed. 

Find out more about how we help students Finish First through our career-focused programs, student resources  and career placement services.  

The single best way to find out about us is to visit and see things first hand.  Well-equipped campuses are located in the Midway Hotel Center Campus and in Tinley Park.  Call us at 708-444-4500 or click here to schedule your visit! 

Fox Social Scene


Exciting Things are Happening!

PTA Practice 8-19

Our Physical Therapist Assistant students get some help from friends and family as they practice the knowledge they've learned. 

OTA assistive 8-19

Occupational Therapist Assistant students help eachother learn about assistive technology in preparation for working with those who are disabled.

Admin 3-18

The spectacular Administrative Assistant students!

MA Blood Draw 3-18

Medical Assisting students are always working on honing their blood draw skills! 

VT Lab 2-19

Vet Tech students in Clinical Laboratory 1 performing microscopic evaluations on canine, feline and equine blood.

PTA Posture 2-19

PTA students assessing posture using a plumbline!

OTA pratice photos

Our OTA students love to learn from one another and practice their skills on fellow classmates!

VT surgery

Our Vet Tech students earning great hands-on experience in our surgical suite.

DH practice 8-19

Our dental hygiene assistant students work side by side as they practice a dental exam on our learning equipment!